Fall Leaves and Halloween

It’s October. My dance company has been back to dancing since May (which is so good for my soul). So I had an idea to go to an orchard near my hubby’s parent’s house to take some nice fall and spooky photos. Naturally I wanted to bring my dancers, which they didn’t take much convincing.

I have been behind the camera so much lately, but I love trying to show my skills in photos. I have a tripod that I’ve only really used to video our shows. So I thought, “Let’s see what happens!” It actually worked out great! But what I found was that the tripod couldn’t get low enough to take the best photo. I have found through this journey that if you take a photo of a dancer from a lower position, they always look better. So I decided to set the camera on the ground. I used a ballet slipper to prop the lens up to get the perfect angle. I think the photos from that position are some of the best I captured that evening.

The evening did not go without its challenges though. I had accidentally dropped my camera a while back. I checked it and thought it was fine, but as dusk started to fall on the orchard, I could not see the photos in my manual settings. So I tried to manually use the flash to no avail. The external flash also was not connecting to the camera. I’m pretty resourceful. I have an athletic setting on the camera that worked well, for the most part. Unfortunately for leaps and some other jumping shot, the shutter speed on the preset was not fast enough. But we still got some amazing photos. Now I have to figure out if I can get the flash fixed before we try do Holiday photos in the plaza.

We had so much fun being goofy and creepy. It was also nice just to get out in some fresh air during this pandemic. It’s so freeing to dance and be creative in a beautiful place. I think that we all had fun and it definitely shows! I’m looking forward to our next photo shoot and me actually getting to be in some of the photos.

Thank you to my Dance Eclectic Ladies for always being willing to take photos to build my portfolio. I could not get experience without you.

To see the full photo shoot head over to my portfoliohttps://kineticlensphotography.com/portfolio/

In the photos: Andrea Severson Lopez, Tiana Potter, Harley Schafer, and Yours Truly.

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  1. Morgan you are amazing in front of and behind the camera. So lovely and creative ❤️

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